Accounting & bookkeeping

Accounting and bookkeeping - Making sure all your numbers add up

Dutch law requires virtually all Dutch corporate entities to provide the authorities with accurate financial statements on an annual basis. These statements are also used to report to shareholders, for reasons of creditor protection and are the starting point for taxation.

Erez Corporate Services supports you in your efforts to meet your legal obligations: our dedicated Ceder Acountancy and Tax advice branch provides complete bookkeeping, accounting and financial reporting services compliant to international IFRS and Dutch GAAP standards.

The topical knowledge and extensive international experience of our certified professionals ensure you that all your financial statements and reports are understandable, relevant, reliable and comparable and an accurate reflection of your company’s position.

The Ceder Accounting and Bookkeeping services include invoicing and payroll administration, administrating bank accounts and cash management and monitoring and control by the preparation of annual and quarterly financial reports, budgets and cash flow forecasts. This way, you will always know your day-to-day records are always up to date and your numbers add up. And if so desired, we help you prepare for and coordinate financial audits in close cooperation with your own company’s auditors and tax advisors.