Management & Domiciliation

management - Great strategies start with erez

Erez Management Services provides you with a team of motivated and skilled professionals and extensive network to support your corporate entities, funds, and private individual structures. Depending on your needs, we act as company director and take care of day-to-day management including shareholders and board meetings, bank transfers and so on, or introduce an experienced manager with specific industry knowledge to act as your company’s independent personal director. Either way, our services ensure that your company is efficiently run and compliant with local rules

Domiciliation Services - your gateway to the world of business

Erez Domiciliation Services are entirely tailored to your demands. Do you need a registered address in the Netherlands? Do you need your communications processed? We can provide a furnished and fully equipped office space, including separate telephone lines and other necessary communications in the name of your company. If required, we take care of every aspect concerning personnel and office equipment. But we also offer additional services to help you conduct business efficiently, from secretarial support and IT services to the provision of experienced employees. How may we help you?