Does your international business require a corporate presence in the Netherlands? Depend on Erez Corporate Services to manage, monitor and control your international activities and provide registered office, tax and administration services. With a driven team of experienced professionals, we make sure to always provide you with excellent personal service tailored to your business’s specific requirements.

Erez Corporate Services offers you an international in-house team of experienced professionals and supporting auditors, tax advisors, lawyers or notary officers through our extensive network. Among our clients are both national and international holdings, finance and royalty companies and foundations as well as trading companies and special purpose entities.

Strategy and investment support

For many years now, Erez has successfully offered strategy and investment support to international clients who have allocated part of their equity for investments in the stable part of the Euro-zone. If so desired, we assess your individual equity investments objectives. From there, we draw up tailored investment profiles to support a targeted search and effective identification of eligible investment opportunities in or near for example the Netherlands or Germany.

These may range from companies, merger and acquisition and real estate to venture capital opportunities within our vast network of clients, banks, investors, brokers and consultants. Once identified, we execute a quick scan and initial test, the results of which we present to you in a solid report. Are you interested in a specific investment proposition?

Our team will gladly act as liaison between parties, coordinate negotiations and support you throughout the transaction procedure. Again, our trusted network of bankers, lawyers, notaries, appraisers and advisors is available to consult you when needed. What’s more, once the deal is done, we can help you find a reliable property management company and the perfect senior managers (CEO’s, CFO’s and/or COO’s) to control and manage your investments on a daily basis.

Trade documentation

Do your activities involve international trade? Then you know from experience that using a freight forwarder or an agent will not suffice when it comes to having the right documents available at the right time.

Erez Corporate Services helps you save time and money on your exports with a fast and accurate documentation service. By providing you with the correct documentation in place, our specialists make sure you stay clear from contractual issues, customs penalties, transport delays and difficulties in getting paid. Letters of credit, certificates of origin and the majority of customs documents, Erez gladly advises you on the trade documents required for each overseas market and walks you through each stage, or handles the entire process on your behalf.

Regardless of the business you’re in, our team of trade experts is here to successfully certify, legalise, sign and issue your trade documentation on time. So you can indeed do business.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Erez’ experienced and driven independent finance and legal professionals are present to assist your company in completing transactions successfully. Our approach is both personal and pragmatic.

We can draw from a comprehensive national and international network and serve as a sparring partner to your management team or shareholders, whilst in close contact with you throughout the process, whether it be buying or selling business(es) (units), arranging the acquisition finance or delivering a fairness opinion. We blend experience, drive, clear communications, creativity and flexibility to find and execute the solution that suits your needs.

Real estate solutions

Erez Corporate Services renders corporate and financial administrative services to entities that are primarily set up for investments in real estate. No matter how complex, the Erez team is dedicated to implementing sophisticated solutions for your real estate structures.

To this end, we combine our corporate, legal, accounting and secretarial knowledge and experience in the field of real estate and work closely with you and your advisors. We also provide registered office, management and corporate secretarial services as well as screened and aptly qualified directors with a track record in real estate to manage your entities.

Directors with comprehensive experience in dealing with property managers, asset managers, lawyers, auditors and tax advisors on a daily basis. In short, Erez handles all your affairs with regard to real estate structures, from administrative services like maintaining the bank accounts of the entities and payment execution to setting up a fully equipped office. Whatever you need, we make it happen.

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Does your international business require a corporate presence in the Netherlands? Depend on Erez Corporate Service to manage, monitor and control your international activities and provide registered office, tax and administration services.

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